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Most of our flavors are available in Gluten Free. Contact store for specific details.

"All flavors are subject to availability and may not be available due to circumstance. Flavors are subject to change at any time. We suggest contacting the store in advance with any questions."

♥ Represents Filled Cupcakes

(SP) Represents Specialty Cupcakes

(C) Represents Catering (starting 2 dozen regular and 2 dozen mini cupcakes)

5th Ave

Chocolate Cake, vanilla buttercream, dark chocolate curls. The perfect accessory!

Birthday Cake

White Cake, chocolate or vanilla buttercream, rainbow sprinkles. Celebrate your Birthday every day!

♥ Banana Puddin Pie

White Cake. Nilla wafer cookie crust, vanilla puddin' filling, banana puddin' buttercream, Nilla wafer on top. A sweet taste of the south!

Boston Cream Cutie Pie

White Cake, custard filling, fudge buttercream, dollop of buttercream. Same ingredients cuter outfit! ♥

Broadway Banana Split

Banana Cake, fudge filling, strawberry-vanilla swirled buttercream, dipped in milk chocolate, maraschino cherry (nuts optional.) Bravo! Encore Please! ♥ (C)

Candy Store Salted Caramel

Chocolate Cake, homemade salted caramel filling, caramel, buttercream dollop of fudge buttercream, pinch of sea salt. The Candy is dandy but the cupcake is better! ♥

Cheatin’ with Chocolate

Chocolate Cake, chocolate buttercream, dark chocolate curls. We promise you won't feel guilty!

Chip off the Old Block

White chocolate chip cake, vanilla buttercream, chocolate chip topping. My sweet grandmother's favorite cake to bake!

Central Park Cookies & Cream

Chocolate or white cake, Oreo buttercream, dollop of whipped buttercream. Our Best Seller!

Coffee Shop Cupcakes

Chocolate or white cake (Mocha or Latte) coffee buttercream, chocolate covered espresso bean. It's your Cup A Joe in a Cup A Cake!

Coney Island Coconut

Coney Island Coconut - White or chocolate coconut cake, coconut buttercream, sweetened coconut flakes. Sweet Old Fashioned Fun! (SP)

♥ Cookie Dough Delight

Chocolate cake, cookie dough center, vanilla buttercream, fresh baked chocolate chip cookie crumbles. Now you can have your cake and eat your cookies too! (SP)

♥ Fluffernutter

Peanut butter cake, fudge center, marshmallow buttercream. As fun to eat as it is to say!

Chocolate Swirled Banana Bread

Chocolate & Banana swirled cake, cream cheese frosting, chocolate sprinkles. No Monkey business here, this one's delish! (C)

(SP) Grand Central Smores

Chocolate Cake, baked marshmallow center, marshmallow buttercream, mini Hershey Bar. Well worth the trip!

Hello Dolly

Lemon Cake, lemon buttercream, sweetened coconut flakes, maraschino cherry. What else can we say, we thought she looked like Carol Channing! (C)

♥ I ♥ P B & J

White cake, raspberry preserve filling, peanut butter & raspberry swirled buttercream, candied heart. The PB&J your mother never made!

Lil Shirley Temple

Cherry cake, lime buttercream, fresh lime zest, candied lime slice, maraschino cherry. She will "Shirley" tap her way into your heart!

Little Miss Sunshine

Lemon cake, raspberry buttercream, candied flower. Tastes like a sweet ray of sunshine!

(SP) Lolo's Bewitching Brownie

Chocolate Cake, baked brownie batter, vanilla buttercream w/ fudge or chocolate buttercream w/caramel, baked brownie on top. Simply Bewitching!

Long Island Lemon

Lemon cake, lemon buttercream. Pure Lemon Love!

Madison Avenue Mint Chocolate Chip

Chocolate "chocolate" chip cake, mint buttercream, semi-sweet mini chocolate chips, mint candy. If you like the ice cream you will love the cake!

♥ Miss Daisy's’s Black Bottom Pie

Chocolate cake, chocolate chip cheesecake center, cream cheese frosting, maraschino cherry. Sometimes being at the bottom is sweeter than being at the top!

Milk & Cookies

Milk & Cookies - White cake, chocolate cookie crust, chocolate cookie pieces, vanilla buttercream, chocolate cookie dust. No glass required! (SP) (C)

♥ Mixed Berries & Cream Supreme

white cake, white chocolate filling, mixed berry buttercream, white chocolate shavings. Berry, Berry, and Berry good!

New York Black & White

Marble cake, marble buttercream, white & milk chocolate candy stick. A classic New York favorite cookie turned cupcake!

New York Neapolitan

Chocolate Strawberry layer cake, vanilla buttercream, sprinkles, maraschino Cherry. As perfect as the ice cream!

♥ Oh My Blueberry Pie

White cake, blueberry pie filling, vanilla buttercream, pie crust topping. "My Oh My" you won't want to share this blueberry pie!

♥ Ole Miss Mud Pie

Chocolate cake, Oreo cookie crust, creamy caramel center, Oreo/Mocha buttercream, fudge drizzle, chocolate covered espresso bean. More than a mouthful!

♥ Orange Dreamcicle

White cake, cream filling, orange buttercream. Just like the ice cream man used to bring!

Lucy B's Maple Bacon

Cinnamon French toast cake, maple buttercream, candied maple baked bacon, brown sugar sprinkle. A delicious cupcake with a sweet side o'swine! (SP)

Park Avenue Peanut Butter “cup” cake

Chocolate cake, peanut butter buttercream, mini peanut butter cup. We're nuts about it!

Peanut Butter Tasty Cake

White cake, fudge filling, peanut butter buttercream, fudge dollop on top. Loved the original, love this too!♥

Peanut Butter Thumbprint

Peanut butter cake, mini chocolate chips, peanut butter buttercream. Peanut Butter perfection!

Perfectly Pink Champagne

Champagne cake, champagne buttercream, champagne soaked raspberry! Cheers to that!(SP)

Pink Frosted Sugar Cookie

White cake, pink buttercream, pink sugar sprinkles! "Pretty in Pink!"

Pure Bliss

White cake, white buttercream, white chocolate curls. Who needs the wedding when you can just have the cake!

Radio City Raspberry

Chocolate or white cake, raspberry buttercream, chocolate sprinkles. Splendid performer!

Raspberries & Cream

Raspberry Cake, raspberry & vanilla swirled buttercream, raspberry candy slice. Raspberrylicious!

Royal Red Velvet

Red velvet cake, whipped buttercream, red sugar sprinkles. Southern royalty way out west!

Saturday Morning Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon strussel cake, vanilla bean cream cheese frosting, brown sugar sprinkle. Saturday's have never tasted so sweet!

Soho Strawberry

White cake, strawberry buttercream, sprinkles. A Berry Classic Cupcake!

Snicker Doodle Doo

Cinnamon cake, vanilla buttercream, cinnamon sugar sprinkles. Just like the cookie only better!

Sweet Cherry Kisses

Chocolate or white cake, cherry buttercream, Hershey's Kiss on chocolate, maraschino cherry on vanilla. There's nothing sweeter than a cherry kiss!

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Cake, strawberry buttercream, pink sugar sprinkles. As sweet as the song!

Summer Strawberries & Cream

Strawberry cake, vanilla buttercream, sugar sprinkles, sugar flower. The sweet taste of summer all year long!

The Candy Bar

Snickers, Milky Way, Heath Bar, or Twix. All of your favorite candy bars turned into cupcakes! (contact store for daily selection and description)

Ticker Tape Parade

Funfetti Cake, vanilla buttercream frosting, rainbow non-perils, gummy bears! A sweet parade of fun!!

Vanilla Fudge Twirl

White cake, fudge ribbon, swirled vanilla bean & fudge buttercream, swirled Hershey Kiss. Just like the ice cream only better!

Vanilla Bean Dream

White Cake, Madagascar vanilla bean buttercream. Red sugar flower. Sweet dreams!

Very Berry Lemonade

Lemon cake, strawberry filling, strawberry buttercream! You won't find this at the Lemonade Stand! ♥





$4.00-$4.25...Seasonal & Special




(no discount on seasonal & specials)

Mini Cupcakes

$1.75 - Regular

$2.00 - Seasonal & Special

$21.00 - One Dozen

(no discount on seasonal & specials)

Gluten Free

$4.00 - Regular

$4.50 - Special or Filled

$45.00 - One Dozen

Cake Pops




Sugar Cookies


Additional labor charge may
apply on any custom cake pops, macarons, or sugar cookies order.

Custom Cakes

4" cake - $20.00 (2-3 slices)

6" cake - $40.00 (4-6 slices)

8" cake - $60.00 (8-12 slices)

10" cake - $75.00 (15-20 slices)

12" cake - $95.00 (20-30 slices)


Standard cake sizes and base pricing.
Additional charges may apply
based on added customization.
Additional sizes available.
Please contact store for
size and pricing details.

Special Orders

48 hours notice for all special orders.

72 hours notice for larger orders.

Weddings, Anniversaries,
Birthday Parties,
Business Meetings