Chocolate Cake, vanilla buttercream, dark chocolate curls. R

White Cake, chocolate or vanilla buttercream, rainbow sprinkles. R

White cake, Nilla wafer crust, vanilla pudding filling, banana pudding buttercream, whipped buttercream, Nilla wafer crumbles. S~F

White cake, Bavarian cream filling, fudge buttercream, fresh dollop of whipped buttercream S~F

Chocolate Cake, homemade salted caramel filling, caramel, buttercream dollop of fudge buttercream, pinch of sea salt. S~F

Chocolate Cake, chocolate buttercream, dark chocolate curls. R

White chocolate chip cake, vanilla buttercream, chocolate chip topping. S

Chocolate or white cake, Oreo buttercream, dollop of whipped buttercream. R

Almond Cake, Raspberry Filling, Raspberry Buttercream

White or chocolate coconut cake, coconut buttercream, sweetened coconut flakes. S

Chocolate Chip Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Crust, Cookie Dough Buttercream

Chocolate cake, graham cracker crust, marshmallow buttercream graham cracker crumble, toasted marshmallow meringue. S~F

Chocolate Cake, baked brownie batter, vanilla buttercream w/ fudge or chocolate buttercream w/caramel, baked brownie on top. S~F

White cake infused with honey~Lavender, honey lavender buttercream! S

Chocolate cake, cream filling, chocolate ganache. S~F

Lemon cake, lemon buttercream. R

Chocolate “chocolate” chip cake, mint buttercream, semi-sweet mini chocolate chips, mint candy. S

Marble cake, marble buttercream, white & milk chocolate candy stick. R

Chocolate Strawberry layer cake, vanilla buttercream, sprinkles, maraschino Cherry. S

White cake, blueberry pie filling, vanilla buttercream, pie crust topping. S~F

White cake, cream filling, orange buttercream. S~F

Cinnamon French toast cake, maple buttercream, candied maple baked bacon, brown sugar sprinkle. S

Chocolate cake, peanut butter buttercream, mini peanut butter cup. R

White cake, white buttercream, white chocolate curls. R

Chocolate or Vanilla Cake, Raspberry filling, Raspberry Buttercream, Chocolate or White Chocolate shavings. S~F

Red velvet cake, whipped buttercream, red sugar sprinkles. R

Cinnamon strussel cake, vanilla bean cream cheese frosting, brown sugar sprinkle. S

White cake, strawberry buttercream, sprinkles. R

Cinnamon cake, vanilla buttercream, cinnamon sugar sprinkles. S

Strawberry cake, strawberry buttercream, sprinkles, cherry on top. S

Strawberry cake, vanilla buttercream, sugar sprinkles, sugar flower. S

White cake, fudge ribbon, swirled vanilla bean & fudge buttercream, swirled Hershey Kiss. R

White Cake, Madagascar vanilla bean buttercream, sugar cone topping. R (Available by Special Order only minimum One Dozen)

Lemon cake, strawberry filling, strawberry buttercream! S~F

Funfetti cake, Cotton Candy Buttercream, Whimsical Toppings. S

Strawberry Cake, graham cracker crust, strawberry pie filling, strawberry cream cheese frosting, dollop of buttercream. S~F

Lemon cake, graham cracker crust, lemon curd filling, light lemon cream cheese frosting w/ lemon curd, dollop of buttercream, pie crumbles. S~F

Most of our flavors are available in Gluten Free.
Vegan options available in selected flavors.
Contact store for specific details.

“All flavors are subject to availability and may not be available due to circumstance. Flavors are subject to change at any time. We suggest contacting the store in advance with any questions.”

F Represents Filled Cupcakes
S Represents Specialty Cupcakes
R Represents Regular Cupcakes

Standard Flavors